Orange Rhubarb Muffins

This morning I decided I wanted some muffins for breakfast and when I asked the kids, they were all for it! I decided I wanted to use some of the rhubarb I had harvested from the garden this last week and I looked around online for a recipe to use. I found one, but I wanted something a little more healthy. I decided to completely modify the recipe and make it my own, which I do on a regular basis with nearly every recipe I come across!

I was out of milk this morning and wondered what I could use to substitute. I decided I’d put in a little light sour cream and use the last orange I had sitting there on the counter. I love baking with orange juice and thought that would be great with these! So I took the orange, zested it and then squeezed about 1/4 cup of juice from it and used it in the recipe. I also used applesauce in place of some of the oil and substituted some whole wheat flour for some of the white flour. My son Nathan had to taste the batter after I’d filled the muffin cups and ended up cleaning the rest of the bowl out! I thought “well that’s a good sign!” After sprinkling the brown sugar and walnuts on top I popped them into the oven. The smelled delicious as they baked and the kids couldn’t wait to try one!

The muffins came out perfectly! Though for this recipe I think I will have to either get slightly larger muffin tins or make more of them, since with 12 filled cups, the tops were overflowing a bit! Of course, that was the best part, so none of us were complaining! The top was deliciously crunchy with the walnuts and brown sugar on top while the center was moist and lightly tart from the rhubarb. It made a great contrast and the kids ate them up like crazy! I had to have a couple myself for breakfast. This recipe is definitely heading to my available menu for as long as the rhubarb lasts!

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